Witchcraft Academy Classes

Classes are the primary reason for Witchcraft Academy. Our goal is to give you the most in depth knowledge about your chosen Path. Anyone can read a book, or many books, and claim to be a teacher. Our classes are taught by Priests and Priestesses with years of experience in passing their knowledge on to others.

We understand that the Internet is full of websites claiming to teach you something, but when you really start to look at them, you find very few that aren't more than the same old information as every other website. This is the most basic information that everyone already knows. If you've looked around the Web, you already know this. Haven't you wasted enough of your valuable time?

Here you will find clear descriptions of each class, and what you can expect to learn from it. You will be able to look through the bio of the Priest or Priestess teaching the class, in order to decide if they really are someone who sounds like they might know something. Not only that, but with our Community, you will have the chance to get to know the teachers before you take their classes. Chances are, you will find one or more potential teachers, who know what you are interested in learning.

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Simply hover your cursor over the Classes menu above, then select the class you are interested in. That will take you to an introduction for that class, with all the information you should need to decide if it is something you want to take or not.

We offer introductory classes, as well as more advanced topics. Generally, you will need to take an introductory class before you can take the advanced class. Classes and subjects are continuing to evolve. It takes a long time to put even the most basic class together, if it is to meet our rigorous requirements. You will find first the basic classes. Then later, more advanced classes will appear. As we find teachers who have the required knowledge, we will add classes geared toward Paths other than Wicca/Witchcraft.