About Witchcraft Academy

Witchcraft Academy is founded on the principal that there is more to Witchcraft than reading books. Books are wonderful, and as published authors, we love when people buy our books, but a book can only teach you so much. Books can’t answer questions, or give you information that they don’t contain.

This site is an online extension of courses each teacher provides in their personal classes. What this means is that each class is taught by a real person, who is qualified to teach a particular subject. Each class takes the material the teacher has accumulated from their experience (years of experience) in personally teaching students.

Every class is college level. What that means is that you aren’t going to learn from a book, or suffer through material you can find elsewhere on the Internet. Each class is created from the teacher’s personal training, and passed on to each individual student through video, online learning sessions, and yes, tests. Subjects will range far and wide, and will contain information and knowledge that is only gained by years of experience.

As deeply informational as the courses are, they are taught in an easy to understand, step by step format, and instructors & staff are always available to answer your questions. It is our goal to make sure that you not only learn as much as you can about any particular subject, but that you have fun as you do.

Our online community of students and teachers allows you to get to know others who are learning right alongside you, and to help you with every question you have. Students who are taking more advanced classes are encouraged to help those who are taking entry level courses. You never have to feel alone. Someone is as close as a mouse click, to help you with a problem, or simply to chat with.

Just as main stream colleges and universities have discovered that they can teach traditional courses on the Internet, we intend to provide an esoteric education that is second to none. Witchcraft Academy may be completely virtual, but the class room experience will be that of a long established educational institution.