Community is important to all of us on the Pagan Path. It provides friendship, help, and perhaps most important, understanding. We understand that not everyone has a community of Pagans near them. Those of us who do, find an in-built support network of Brothers and Sisters to help us along our Path.

It is our heartfelt hope that Witchcraft Academy can become a Pagan community in its own right. A virtual Pagan community, but a Pagan community none the less. We know that the one thing most Witches, especially those who are new to the Path, are looking for, are others like themselves. You are looking for others to learn from, and to learn with.

Witchcraft Academy plans to become the community you need, especially if you have none near you. Building community takes time. There is effort in building relationships, and trust. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that everyone who joins our community, is here for similar reasons, and with similar needs.

On these pages you will find ways to connect with the virtual community provided through Witchcraft Academy.

Simply put your cursor on the Communities menu (without clicking) then select the option from the drop down menu.

You must be signed in as a member of Witchcraft Academy in order to access the Community.