Imbolc - the first celebration after Yule. It marks the beginning of Spring.

Yeah, I know, your calendar says that Spring doesn't start until Ostara, but that is the same calendar that says Yule is the beginning of Winter, and was created by Pope Gregory XIII for political gains.

Believe me when I say Imbolc is the beginning of Spring. Here in the US, February 2nd is better known as Groundhog Day. This ritual celebration, where the groundhog comes out of his burrow, and looks for his shadow, to forecast the next six week's weather, is a variation on an old Scotts story about the Calliach, who goes out to gather the last of the wood for Her Winter hearth.

If the day is cool and grey, She gathers Her wood, and goes home. If the day is sunny and too warm, She casts a spell to bring back the Winter cold. How the Winter Queen became a furry rodent, I don't know, but the stories are too similar not to be related.

Imbolc is a child, symbolized by the Maiden, Brigid. Her crown of candles symbolizes the returning light of the sun. As a Celtic holiday, Imbolc begins at sundown February 1st, and goes until sundown February 2nd. The Imbolc child is carefree, and has no responsibility. Life is good, because She can do whatever She likes.

This stage of life is full of potential, but it is only potential. Imbolc has not been around long enough to have realized any of that potential yet. That happens at Beltane, when the Maiden becomes the Mother. For now, Imbolc is free to play, and dance, and dream. Imbolc imagines all the possibilities that life may bring. In Her dreams, Imbolc is rich and famous, She is a rockstar in a band, She is a Princess who will be Queen, to rule fairly and just, She is an explorer, discovering all the things yet unknown. Imbolc knows with all her heart, that life will be good.

Below are several recordings by Selena Fox, an internationally known Witch, on Imbolc.

Brigid Magick

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