Breaking Things Down

In my first two posts, I started describing how to use this time of the year to reflect on what you want to manifest in the coming year, Winter Is Coming, and then I started an example, using one of my own desires, in Manifesting The Desire. If you haven't read those two posts, I recommend that you do, before continuing.

In the last post, I wrote about my desire for a bigger house. I also described specifics this house should include, and why that is important. I also mentioned that my job is ending soon, so I won't have any means to pay for such a house. How the hell does that work? Well...I'm a Witch, and a Witch can do anything they set their mind to.

In the first post, I talked a little bit about the steps it takes to go from wherever you are, to wherever you want to be. In this post, we'll examine the steps I will have to take, to get from my current house, to the house I want in my example. As you'll remember, I valued this example house at between $750,000 and $1 million. With my current job, I could never afford that kind of house, so I guess it's a good thing that job is going away!

So what are my steps to getting this house?

First I suppose I will have to find some job that pays enough for me to afford such a house. I could sell my current house, but at current value, after paying off the loan, that would give me only about $100K to work with. That isn't even a down payment for the house I want. Besides, I'd like to keep this house, and rent it out for extra income.  If I'm ever going to buy this house, I'm going to need a way to make the very large payments.

So there you have it, one giant step to manifest my house.

That is where 99.99999% of people stop. They dream of greatness, and then the realization hits that they don't have the means to attain it, so they just stop dreaming. Thomas Edison dreamed of a way to create light, without the danger of open gas flames. Imagine if he'd given up. It only took him 5000 attempts, before he got it. Yeah, you're thinking, but Edison was a genius. While that is true, this isn't about how smart he was, it's about the fact that he kept working at it until he found what he desired. He also broke the problem down into manageable steps. That process works for anything you want to do.

I know that the job I currently have, is worth around $106,000 a year. Because of the industry I'm in, I'm making about half that. I also have the skills to be a Supervisor or Manager, which would pay more. The problem is, I am really tired of waking up early every morning, and spending 40 plus hours every week at a job that gives me no control over how much I make. Not to mention all the politics.

So I have a choice to make. I can either apply for a regular job, and get paid what someone else thinks I'm worth, or I can be my own boss, start my own business, and offer products & services of my own. I have chosen to start my own business. This isn't for everyone, but I believe it will work for me. (Big step to manifesting the house...start my own business.)

I have a mantra -- Multiple Streams of Income. I know that if I only have one way to make money, that one stream must provide everything I need. On the other hand, if I have several smaller ways of making money, each one can make much less, and I can still make enough from all of them, to meet my needs. The advantage of not having a regular job means that I can spend all that time working on my own money making projects.

I'm weird. I come up with new ways to make money, almost daily. I think it's genetic. My grandfather was this way, my dad is this way, and my brother also does this. My brother started a side business three years ago, that now brings him around $9000 a month in income, and he still works a regular job. He and I are partnering up on an idea he had, and as I said, I have ideas of my own all the time.

I have come to realize that I have knowledge that other people value. I don't have to be an expert, I just have to know more about it than they do. I also know that competition is a good thing. If others are already doing what I want to do, that means someone is making money at it. I just have to do it better, or offer something they don't.

Read that last paragraph again. Most people, when they encounter an obstacle, they stop. If you stop, you will never get where you want to be. $750,000 for a house is a lot of money, and I don't have any of it. That's an obstacle, and it will stop all but a few. The knowledge that I soon won't have a job, is another obstacle. All but a few, would see that as an obstacle. I see it as an opportunity. (Mental attitude...realizing that what others see as a blocker, can actually be an opportunity.)

Starting a business is hard, but starting a business online is a lot easier. I don't have to pay a monthly lease for a building. I do have to pay for hosting, and domain names, but a single host can hold a lot of domains. I don't have to hire any employees, I can do it all myself, to start. At some point, I may hire employees, or outsource work, but at that point, I'll have the income to do it without worrying about payroll. I have the tools to put up a website quickly, and make it look nice. I already have about half a dozen websites. None of them are making any money, but while I'm still employed, I have the time to work on products or services. None of these individual businesses have to make a lot of money alone. Each of these businesses are in completely unrelated areas, so that if one has a bad year, the others are there to take up the slack.

This is why I haven't been as active here as I once was. I have been working on creating businesses to not just take the place of my current job, but to allow me to make much more than the current job. Nearly all my free time has gone into this because once they are up and running, I won't need to put more than a few hours a week into them. All the hard work happens up front. That's by design. I expect to not only have the money to buy that house, but the time to enjoy it as well.

Will I have enough money this time next year, to buy that house? I don't know. My first priority is getting everything up and running to replace my current job. Once that is done, I can scale, and innovate to make more.

So, the desire was a $750,000 house.

The step was to get a job that pays me enough to afford the house. (Big step!)

I broke that big step down into smaller steps. Each one, a separate business.

By having these businesses online, I save a lot of money, and I have the ability to do everything that is required, myself.

Now, I learned 20 years ago, what it takes to own, and set up a website. I have spent the last 10 years learning how to market online. I have also acquired skills and knowledge over that time, that others find valuable, which means that I can offer those skills or knowledge to people for a price. The more valuable the skill or knowledge, the higher the price I can charge.

So each small step in getting that house, is a separate online business. Each of those businesses can be broken down into smaller steps, like getting the knowledge or skill that I will sell, creating the website, adding in options for people to pay me, creating ways to put the knowledge into a format that customers can access and learn from.

I won't go into details, but one of these businesses I'm working on, is how to buy Bitcoin, and why you would want to. It took me months to find this information, and it's something that a lot of people will want to know in the near future. The value is in putting what I've learned into a single place, and teaching, step by step how to do it. You can find all the information just as I did, but there are a lot of people who will gladly pay me to just give it to them.

When I break that one business down into manageable steps, they become easy. One step was to write up an outline of what I want to present. It took me a couple of hours of thought and writing, to complete that step. That step shows me the other steps needed to put the course together. The course has eight modules, each module has multiple videos, each video explains one small part. Each of those steps may take me a couple of days researching and writing, another couple of days to shoot and edit video, and a couple of days to put it all online in a form that works.

In just two small paragraphs, I have described what it takes to start a business. There's nothing particularly difficult about any of those steps, since I already have, or can find the knowledge I need. That one business has the potential make me enough money to buy that house, but I don't have to rely on just that one.

This post has been extra long, but if you've made it through all three posts, you should now understand what it takes to manifest whatever you want in your life. I simply used buying a big house as an example. Whatever you want to manifest in your life, if it's important enough to you, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you aren't willing to do whatever it takes, that desire isn't as important to you, as you think it is.

You are your own best ally. You are also your own worst enemy. Most people who start reading this series of posts, will stop about the time they realize it will take work to get what they want. A very few, will make it this far. Congratulations!

Now you have a choice. You can take what I've written here, and use it to make your life into what you want it to be, or you can leave your life exactly as it is.

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